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Maybe you’re feeling the pressures of everyday life more than you used to. Things since the pandemic are different. Life at home has gotten blurrier. It isn’t as simple as work stays at work and home is home anymore. Perhaps you’ve been wanting to reach out for help, but the effort of having to go to an office feels like one more overwhelming thing to fit in with everything else.

Have you felt like things need to change, but can’t imagine trying to fit another thing into your busy life?

Online therapy can help bridge the gap.

It may feel out of reach now, but you can get the help you need without having to leave home. You can take time to support and heal yourself. You can feel balanced again. 

  • Meet your needs in the privacy and safety of your own home
  • Give you more accessibility to the help you deserve
  • Have more scheduling flexibility

Online therapy helps:

Healing shouldn’t be limited by your geography or ability to come to an office. My approach welcomes all parts of you, regardless of location, and comes from a place of compassion and encouragement. I believe that you are doing the best you can, in every way you know how. You simply need support and a safe place to get where you want to go.

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You don’t have to feel isolated and alone.
Let the healing come to you. 

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When we get started, you'll be given a link that connects you to a virtual waiting room. To make things easy, the link is the same for all sessions. All you have to do is click the link, make sure your camera and mic are on, type in your name, and wait for your therapist to pop up on the screen. 

How does online therapy work?

The short answer, yes! While online therapy may not be “the same” as meeting in person, you can still develop a strong therapeutic relationship with your provider. Clients engaging in online therapy and in person therapy have similar outcomes regardless of how they receive services. 

Nope! If you have the following you are good to go for online therapy sessions:
• Reliable internet connection
• Device that supports a webcam
• A quiet, private place for sessions
• You are physically located in Arizona

Frequently Asked Questions

Is online therapy effective?

Do I need anything special for sessions? 

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