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Maybe you feel conflicted, but have no idea what the "right" choices are. Perhaps you find yourself stuck spiraling in anxiety, overthinking every conversation or interaction with someone else. You may even have this vague feeling that something in you is clinging to your past, but have no idea why, what it is, or how to change it.

Do you feel pulled in all directions, inside and out? Lost in a sea of conflicting thoughts and feelings?

You don't have to stay stuck.

I can help walk you through the IFS process, connect to your internal world from a completely new perspective, and find the sense of peace you've been looking for.

What is IFS?

IFS is a model that helps expand your understanding of how and why you feel, think, and act the way you do. This therapy comes with a radical shift in perspective that will allow you to achieve the deep, complete level of healing you're looking for.

Approaching your healing process from the 8 C's of IFS: Compassion, curiosity, calmness, courage, clarity, confidence, creativity, and connectedness, you will be able to understand and observe your internal world in a whole new way.

  • Form new coping strategies that are less extreme and make sense for the present.
  • Show yourself compassion instead of telling yourself the criticisms you've heard all your life.
  • Heal the deeply burdened pains you carry and release that "childhood stuff" running your life.
  • Stop bullying yourself like those kids in school.
  • Understand relationship dynamics from a whole new perspective.
  • Appreciate the parts of you that have been hurt and rejected by people you looked to for love and safety.

IFS will help you:

How does it work?

IFS therapy welcomes all the different parts of you. The critical parts. The shamed parts. The angry parts. The parts that push people away or crave connection. The parts that feel unlovable. Even the parts that dread starting therapy.

IFS is founded on the understanding that all parts have good intentions and are just doing their best to help us in the ways they know how. Parts protect us in ways that worked at one point in our lives, but got frozen in time, leading to the confusing extremes and ineffective coping skills we struggle to push aside or change.

IFS unburdens these parts from the pain they carry and brings them up to speed. To a place where they can transform, learn new ways of being, and help you in ways that feel good.

This may all sound a little wild at first, but you've tried everything already and it hasn't been enough to make you feel good enough, fix your relationships, or change how hurt you are deep down. You want more than this struggle. More than this constant internal battle.

I can help. 

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