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You want to feel confident, safe and connected, but instead you feel:

Does this sound familiar?

It doesn’t have to stay this way!

  • Exhausted from doing it all, for everyone, all the time. Maybe even a little resentful or angry.

  • Weighed down and overwhelmed, but think you should be able to "just deal with it."

  • Disconnected and on autopilot in your relationships and life.

  • Unheard and tired of your needs not being met in the ways you so clearly desire.

Hi, I’m Brie and I can help.

I work with adults to overcome complex childhood and relational/attachment trauma, anxiety, and difficulty with relationships. We’ll work together to connect with the parts of you that have been pushed aside for so long with the calm, compassionate you that’s always been there.

You’ve been carrying around a lot. Maybe even generations worth of stuff! What if you could give yourself permission to unload your hurts and walk away from therapy feeling whole, connected, secure, understood, and hopeful? You deserve to drop the weight of the world and your past.

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Boundaries & Relationship Challenges

Internal Family Systems

How I Can Help

Internal family systems (IFS) is a type of therapy that helps get to the core of challenging patterns and create something new. IFS helps you get to know the parts of you that keep you defensive, reactive, and shut down. You'll learn how to work with these parts, instead of staying conflicted and trying to push them aside.

Online Therapy

Are you tired of conflict and power struggles in your relationship? Developing new communication patterns and setting boundaries can be hard, and that's normal! Understanding the 'why' behind these dynamics is the key to lasting change, and feeling more fulfilled and satisfied in your relationships.

Geography shouldn't determine your ability to start therapy, or maybe you simply don't have time in the day to get out to an office. Confidential, online therapy bridges the gap without the hassle, and allows you to get the care you need from wherever you might be. Lets make this easier on you.

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Complex Trauma & Anxiety

Does it feel like there's a constant buzz of anxiety just under the surface? It feels like everything buried may explode out. If you're stuck in the same patterns and have no idea why, you might be dealing with unresolved traumas. Getting to the core of these issues can help break the cycles keeping you stuck,

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The Process

Step 1. Reach Out

Step 2. Get the Support You Need

Step 3. Live Fully

Call or email me to ask about getting started. I'll answer any questions you may have to help you feel comfortable working together. 

I know what’s always worked to make things better isn’t cutting it anymore and you’re not sure what to do. The good news is you’re not alone and don’t have to keep struggling to find the answer on your own. Together, we’ll navigate your unique process that delivers lasting, meaningful change. You deserve to focus on you for a change and this is the place to do just that. 

Living fully isn't just for everyone else anymore, you can do it too! Therapy can help you step out of the past, out of old patterns, and into the present. Allowing you to live life the way you truly want. Change is possible, and your healing is waiting to be discovered. Let's get you connected with yourself and the world again.

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You don’t have to keep carrying it all.
I can help you lighten the load.

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